PRODUCTS White&Black

White Masterbatch

White Masterbatch is YIQI’s strong point, we offers a wide range of white masterbatch based on PE and PP. These masterbatches cover applications such as flexible package, personal care package, industrial package, shopping bag, plastic tubing, engineering plastic and plastic household products.

PE0251White masterbatch with ultrahigh opacity and high fluidity strength; mainly used in high-class printing film,extrusion lamination packaging,food packaging,especially recommended for giftware packaging industry.
PE12309White masterbatch with ultrahigh opacity strength,universal for film application; mainly used in high-class courier bags, cast film, perforated film, especially recommended for high-end courier bags industry.
PE12087AWhite masterbatch with high opacity strength for film application;used in co-extruded film.
General film
PE12230High cost-effective white masterbatch with high opacity strength; mainly used in high-class cast film, perforated film, shopping bags and so on.
PE15050White masterbatch with high opacity and easy dispersion strength; mainly used in geomembrane and intermediate-high class shopping bag products.
PE12366Economic white masterbatch for market shopping bag application.
Injection moulding, blow moulding and others
PP7351White masterbatch with high opacity strength, specially for polypropylene; used in polypropylene injection moulding and sheeting products.
PE0301Economic white masterbatch; for blow moulding, sheeting, tubing and injection moulding application. Recommended for food and medicine packaging products with general requirement.
PP cast film
PP7351White masterbatch with high opacity strength, specially for PP cast film; used in instant noodle package.
Biodegradable Masterbatch
BD1003Biodegradable white masterbatch without petroleum base; suitable for blown film, injection moulding, sheeting extrusion and so on.